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Why You Need to be Shopping 6pm.com

6pm shipment arrived!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a shoe fetish.  Anyone who works with me can you about my 15+ pairs of shoes under my desk….which are just “work shoes” & have nothing to do with the mounds I have at my apartment.  6pm.com feeds that addiction quite nicely.

6pm.com (same parent company as Zappos.com) has amazing deals.  The site features an array of designer brands and boasts prices up to 70% off retail.  They have “daily deals” on their homepage every day highlighting some of their best sales.  They specialize in shoes, but have bags, sunglasses, apparel & an array of other items.

They (like many savvybrands) are on Twitter & provide their followers with ADDITIONAL deals I often find even more appealing & even better then what I see on their site.  The recent tweet that caught my attention?  KORS Michael Kors on sale for $24.95. A. Maze. Ing.  They had other deals that day, as well, so here’s what I ended up with:

KORS Michael Kors wedges: $24.95 from $185 :)

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*Sigh* My Gilt-y Pleasure

Hi. My name is Chris and I’m a shopaholic. Hi, Chris!

Wait – that’s not entirely true anymore.  I’ve been much better (much, much better) lately in regards to staying within budget.  No longer do I allow myself to meander through Downtown Crossing and Faneuil Hall during what often turned into very expensive lunch hours.  I’ve been filing all my shopping emails away into a “Shopping” folder in my Gmail as they come in (can’t quite bear to delete them all together).

Caroine Herrera Grey DressGilt Herrera Pink Dress

There are certain sites, however, that I can’t quite stop checking.  That fabulous site is Gilt.  It’s not somewhere I usually end up buying things, since even at discounted prices, many of the designer digs are still quite pricey, to put it lightly.  additionally, by the time I get to the site – new sales start at noon each day – my size is usually sold out. When that happens, I take it as a sign.  When I saw this grey Carolina Herrera dress, I was in love.  At $498 (on sale from $1,890), it still wasn’t in my price-range.  Not by a long shot.  I also loved the Carolina Herrera fuchsia dress – both are perfect work/night dresses.  With the fuchsia dress also being $498 (from $1,990 this time), it was also something I wasn’t about to purchase to wear occasionally at work.

My question: why can’t this model smile??  She has a sort of half-smile while in the pink dress…but not really.  She’s wearing $2,000 dresses, what’s not to be happy about??

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