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Colored Stems

I loooove fun tights.  Not only are they practical for (seemingly) 3/4 of the year in Boston, but they’re so CUTE & add style & fun to any outfit.  They also allow you to wear lighter, more spring inspired dresses (or shirt dresses, right???) throughout the year, giving you more “bang” for your spring-dress-buck. :)  Throw a pair on under any fun dress & you’re good to go.

My friend Courtney alerted me to some cute Hansel from Basel tights yesterday & Beyond the Rack has some brightly colored options from We Love Colors.  It’s worth noting both these brands will be donating percentages of sales to Haiti relief funds throughout February.  Hansel from Basel will be donating 15% & We Love Colors will be donating 5%. (*note: I don’t know if BTR sales count towards the 5%…*).  Here are some of my pics from each line:

We Love Colors Olive & Charcoal

Don’t be scared of green!  Green tights can add color to your gray or black dress.  Also, they’re just plain fun. :) These We Love Colors tights retail at $30/pair, but are on sale at Beyond The Rack until February 11 (tomorrow!!!) for just $10.  Loves it.

We Love Colors Vertical Jagged Striped Tights in Brown & Neon Blue

Again, color is key here!  As someone who’s wardrobe is roughly 80% black (& 10% grey or navy…or at least it seems it), I love adding splashes of color whenever I can.  These We Love Colors tights also retail at $30/pair, but are now on sale at Beyond The Rack for just $10.

Hansel from Basel Pebble Black & Purple Tights

These look so soft!  These Hansel from Basel tights would, again, be a great complement to any skirt or dress & great for work or play. :)  They retail for $42/pair.

Hansel from Basel Snow Snow Burgundy and Cable in Gray

Save the best for last, maybe??  I love these!  They scream “Look at me, in my dress being warm all winter!”  They’re something I would want to put on those cold mornings when it’s snowing & you just wish you could crawl back into your warm bed (but can’t….).  Also from Hansel from Basel and retail for $42/pair.

What do you think?  To tights, or not to tights?


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