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New Year, New You (Right?)

Every year we tell ourselves that THIS will be the year things will be different.  We tell ourselves THIS year I will eat right, exercise more, work harder, be happier, save money & be a better person.  Am I right??  I have very mixed feelings on New Year’s resolutions.  I often “half” make them – I think to myself, “this year I’ll eat better…” but don’t do the action necessary to put my resolution into effect: actually figure out what the goal is & how it will be achieved.  This year that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  Here are my resolutions AND how I’m going to follow through (in no particular order):

  1. Be more FIT. How will I do this?  Stick to a gym routine.  (Whether that makes “sticking to a gym routine” or

    I love these shoes. I need to continue to put them to good use.

    “being more fit” my resolution, I’m not sure.)  I was on a stead gym routine for about a year which seemed to fallapart in August when I moved in with Sean.  Q. Why did this happen? A. Laziness. Pure & simple. I fell out of the routine and only recently started to sink back into it.  I used to go in the morning, but the bus I take to work can’t get me there early enough & I often stay late enough at work which makes it hard to go at night, but if it’s important, you make it work, right?  Also, I haven’t been as careful lately as to what I’m eating.  This is also something that needs to get back to how it was before.  Not only do I think I look better when I do this, but I FEEL so much better.  GOAL: Gym three times a week.  Since I used to do four times a week, this should be feasible, right??

  2. Volunteer. I’ve been wanting to volunteer more for a while & really want to start doing so.  It’s so important to help others less fortunate than us.  I have WHERE I’ll be volunteering down to about three options, now I just need to decide which.
  3. Save money. I always say this & it never happens.  Recently I started actually using my ING account & having money transferred to it automatically every week.  I had done this previously but stopped.  I’m glad to have started back up again.  This year, I’ll be transferring additional funds to the account.  I like it because you don’t really feel the money being taken out of your regular bank account but it’s still accumulating in your ING account.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I’ve also been bringing my lunch to work, which saves up to roughly $30 – $40/week.  Sometimes more.  ALSO a beautiful thing. :)

Those are my main resolutions.  I think they’re all obtainable & all things I truly want to do.  Will it work this year?  We shall see, we shall see.



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Strapped for Ca$h

Every little bit counts, right?

Every little bit counts, right?

Where is all my money going?? I’ve now been at my job for over a year, and, suddenly, I seem to be strapped for cash. What’s changed about my spending habits? For about a month and 1/2 I’ve been unusually low on funds. It’s time to buckle down and save some money. I’m a believer in “every penny counts” theory – that it’s all the little things that make a big difference. Here’s some things I’m throwing money away on, and what I am going to do to change that:

  • My beloved Starbucks. Starbucks is the recipient of many of my hard earned dollars. I am a regular purchaser of lattes and Mistos (or “cafe au laits,” for you non-Bucks frequenters). They cost much more than regular coffee and contain less caffeine than regular coffee. The solution to my latte needs? Coffee. Plain and simple. Estimated savings per week: $9 – $11
  • Lunch during the week. I need to start bringing lunch again as opposed to eating out everyday. THIS is a big drain on my cash flow. I sometimes spend $10 – $12/DAY on lunch (not always – but sometimes) – which I think is ridiculous. That’s up to $60/week on lunch. Add that in with my Starbucks trips, that that is a lot of cash shelled out on food during the workday. Instead, I need to make a greater effort to go to the grocery store. For lunch alone, I could spend $20/wk at the grocery store (or less!). Estimated savings per week: $30 – $40
  • Goal: Stop. Buying. Things. Online. I received a pair of Nicole Miller sunglasses in the mail today that I had ordered online. They were hugely discounted on editorscloset.com (let me know if you want an invite!), but that’s beside the point. I need to stop frequenting sample sale sites in general. However, this is the first time I broke down and bought something on one…
  • No more impulsive shopping.  I don’t NEED anything – but sometimes I get a little carried away when I LIKE a lot of the things I see.  My lunch break at work has been a big shopping time lately…but not anymore!

So these are some of the more frequent things I’m throwing money away on…but no longer.  Any other suggestions??

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