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Coupon Code: White House Black Market

I love White House Black Market.  They have beautiful, chic dresses & amazing jewelry, among other things.  Right now they’re offering $25 off your purchase of $125 or more & $50 off your purchase of $200 or more.  Both these offers end 3.21.10.  They’re also offering free shipping through the end of the week when you purchase $125 or more.

$25 off your purchase of $125 or more coupon code: 9019

50 off your purchase of $200 or more coupon code: 9018

Happy shopping!


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All About Asymmetry

I’m seeing asymmetrical dresses popping up everywhere.  Whether it’s a one-shoulder frock from American Apparel or an angled hem from Alice + Olivia, asymmetry is in.  It makes even a seemingly “standard” dress more exciting.  Here are a few I’ve found & love – priced from low to high:

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder $37.93 from $129.32

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder dress: $37.93 from $129.32

I love the fun pattern & flirty sleeve on this Olivia Rubin dress.  Adorable, right?  It retails for $129.32 but is currently on sale on asos.com for $37.93. :)

American Apparel One Shoulder Dress: $42

American Apparel is known for soft, comfy, fitted basics.  This cotton American Apparel is just that: it can be dressed up or down.  It retails for $42 – not too shabby. Continue reading

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Colored Stems

I loooove fun tights.  Not only are they practical for (seemingly) 3/4 of the year in Boston, but they’re so CUTE & add style & fun to any outfit.  They also allow you to wear lighter, more spring inspired dresses (or shirt dresses, right???) throughout the year, giving you more “bang” for your spring-dress-buck. :)  Throw a pair on under any fun dress & you’re good to go.

My friend Courtney alerted me to some cute Hansel from Basel tights yesterday & Beyond the Rack has some brightly colored options from We Love Colors.  It’s worth noting both these brands will be donating percentages of sales to Haiti relief funds throughout February.  Hansel from Basel will be donating 15% & We Love Colors will be donating 5%. (*note: I don’t know if BTR sales count towards the 5%…*).  Here are some of my pics from each line:

We Love Colors Olive & Charcoal

Don’t be scared of green!  Green tights can add color to your gray or black dress.  Also, they’re just plain fun. :) These We Love Colors tights retail at $30/pair, but are on sale at Beyond The Rack until February 11 (tomorrow!!!) for just $10.  Loves it.

We Love Colors Vertical Jagged Striped Tights in Brown & Neon Blue

Again, color is key here!  As someone who’s wardrobe is roughly 80% black (& 10% grey or navy…or at least it seems it), I love adding splashes of color whenever I can.  These We Love Colors tights also retail at $30/pair, but are now on sale at Beyond The Rack for just $10.

Hansel from Basel Pebble Black & Purple Tights

These look so soft!  These Hansel from Basel tights would, again, be a great complement to any skirt or dress & great for work or play. :)  They retail for $42/pair.

Hansel from Basel Snow Snow Burgundy and Cable in Gray

Save the best for last, maybe??  I love these!  They scream “Look at me, in my dress being warm all winter!”  They’re something I would want to put on those cold mornings when it’s snowing & you just wish you could crawl back into your warm bed (but can’t….).  Also from Hansel from Basel and retail for $42/pair.

What do you think?  To tights, or not to tights?

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New Year’s Resolutions/10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2010: One Month In

I always think it’s smart to check-in with any goals you make along the way, don’t you?  Helps keep you on track.  These are my New Year’s resolutions & the status of my “things I’m looking forward to in 2010” list, one month in:

  1. Be more FIT. I said I would stick to a gym routine – which has only been quasi-upheld with a crazy January work schedule, but I’m eating even better & exercising more on the weekends (something I never really did).    Weekends also tend to be my downfall because I don’t always eat right: this has also changed. :)
  2. Volunteer. I’ve signed up with BostonCares.org to volunteer.  I went to orientation & now just need to sign up for some volunteer projects!
  3. Save money. Hmm…NOT as successful as I would like.  I have continued to transfer money into my ING account, but I wouldn’t consider it a real “win” just yet.
  4. Reading More: Yes!  I’ve been reading an amazing book Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point.  A. Maze. Ing.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to are also quasi-resolutions.  Two of them (volunteering & saving money) ARE resolutions & are also listed above, but others can also fit the mold:

  1. Visiting Syracuse: (fingers crossed!) I have a tentative Syracuse trip planned for March.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be visiting the ‘Cuse the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.  :)
  2. Cooking more: I’m doing a little more of this, but not enough!
  3. Taking more pictures: Yes.  I’ve been better about this.
  4. Getting back in touch with old friends I think this is easier said than done, but it’s getting there.

The others (“a hot summer,” “weddings” and “not moving”) haven’t happened (or not happened) yet, but I’m still looking forward to them.

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ideeli RED SALE :)

3/1/10 UPDATE: This blog has moved!  Please join us at out new home at http://misschrisblog.wordpress.com.

ideeli is one of my favorite sample sale sites.  They’re having their red sale this weekend (!), which basically means they’re having a huge sale with tons of different designers.  So exciting!  I need to use up my credits that will be expiring next month…

Here are some of my favorites:

vroom by joy han BASQUE DRESS Original price: $216; ideeli RED SALE price: $44

This green Joy Han dress is super cute.  It has a little bit of a nautical feel with the buttons, don’t you think?  Very cute.

for joseph MIA DRESS. I REALLY WANT THIS!!! Original price: $158; ideeli Red Sale price: $44

LOVE THIS!  This was my favorite piece of the entire sale.  LOVES IT LOVES IT.  I think it’s so adorable.  It’s basic, yet features great detailing with the satin neckline and pleats.  Out of everything today, this gray dress is what I had my heart set on.  Alas, my buying finger wasn’t quick enough.  They were out of my size within seconds of noon, when the sale opened.

michael michael kors dress. Original price: $136, ideeli Red Sale price: $36

I love the broad plaid on this dress.  Very cute.

abs by allen schwartz Jackie O Dress. Original price: $230; ideeli Red Sale price: $75

Classic.  Black.  Dress.  Need I say more?

vava by joy han HOLLY BABYDOLL - Original price: $196; ideeli Red Sale price: $37. So cute!

This is a perfect summer dress.  I love the peachy/coral color and, similarly to the Joy Han dress above, the buttons give it a sort of nautical look.

I REALLY wanted to use my credits today to buy one of these, however, literally within seconds of the sale opening at noon, ALL of these were sold out in my size.  That’s a sign I should be saving money, though, right??

PS: Love great fashion steals?  (Who doesn’t?)  Be sure to check these out. :)


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Getting Crafty: Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

I love these!

I always love creating fun & different cards when I get the chance.  This year, I saw some homemade Valentine’s Day cards in a magazine & felt inspired. Using cardboard, you can create rose-like stamps to create unique cards.


Two kinds of paper: one type for the front-card image you’ll be creating & a thicker variety to make into the card itself.  It’s also possible to create with one piece of paper, but don’t forget to fold it in half before stamping.

Paint or ink pads: I used different colors of acrylic paint, but stamp pads were the original plan (and, in retrospect, likely easier to work with).  The paint was sometimes thicker than I would have liked.

Cardboard: top flaps from a cardboard box work well.  Pieces will need to be cut in 4 and 8-inch strips.  These become your flowers so the number you create is up to you.

String or twine


One wine cork


  1. Cut the cardboard into varies strips between 4 – 8 inches long.  Smaller pieces become smaller roses and longer pieces become longer roses.  You want the inner “zip-zag” pattern to run along the length of the cardboard.  The width should be about 4 – 5 inches long.
  2. Roll the cut pieces of cardboard and tie with the string or twine.
  3. Cut about 1/4 inches from half of the end of the cork.  this half-circle shape becomes the leaves.
  4. Firmly press the roses into the paint or stamp pad and then apply to the paper.  TIP: Practice first to get used to how much pressure should be applied to create the flowers.
  5. Use the cork (AKA leaf) to create leaves around your flowers.
  6. Let the stamped pieces of paper dry.
  7. Glue the stamped pieces of paper on the cover of your cards.

The images below aren’t the final product – I still need to glue the sheets on card stock for the cards themselves.

I spent $12 on the paint & already had the cardboard, string and paper.  I chose to use paint instead of ink pads thinking I’ll be able to get more use out of them.  I was able to make enough cards for everyone on my card list for less money than I would spend buying the cards from Papryus.

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Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2010

Here are the top 1o things I’m looking forward to this year – in no particular order. :)

Reading More: This applies to books, mainly.  I read a ton online, but I think there’s something to reading a good book.  I always seem to start books but they lose my interest.  I just started one…I hope I can stick with it.

A Hot Summer:  This is for 2 reasons: the first being Boston was COLD last summer – we missed out on hot days.  We went directly from spring to fall.  The second reason is I’m DETERMINED to be in the best shape of my life this year.  So far, so good: since December, I’ve been keeping up with the gym & being better about what I’ve been eating.

Weddings: (Not mine,silly.)  I know a few people getting married this year.  Not much is happier than a wedding :)

Not Moving: Hurray!!!  I moved every year in college…then the year after college…& last year.  I’ve moved every year since 2003 & am VERY happy we’re planning on renewing our lease.  Hurray for feeling home. :)

Volunteering: I’m trying to volunteer for Children’s Hospital Boston.  I’m hoping it works out with my schedule – if not, I’ll definitely find somewhere else.

Saving Money: I haven’t really saved much money in a while.  This needs to stop.  No more frivolous spending!!!  I want to pay down (not off…too unrealistic) my credit card bill & save some dough.

Taking More Pictures: I have kept my camera in my purse for as long as I can remember.  (Better resolution/ability to take more than my BB.)  I used to take a ton of pictures everywhere I went but haven’t lately.  This needs to stop.

Visiting Syracuse: Since I haven’t been since Thanksgiving 2008, it’s officially been over a year & far too long.  I WILL visit this year.

Cooking More: I love cooking & baking & started doing a lot more of it in the fall/end of the year.  I have untapped cookbooks.  I would love to cook & bake even more this year!

Get Back in Touch With Old Friends: Well…self explanatory, isn’t it?  This is something else I’m going to make a serious effort to carry out.


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