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Spring Trend: Flower Power

While it’s still February & spring doesn’t technically start until late March, I’m ITCHING for spring to get here.  Trend: I’m seeing a lot of colorful, small prints this year from some of my favorite designers.  There’s a difference (& arguably a fine line) between fun florals & hippie garb (which has never worked on me).  Here are some of my favorites:

DVF Spring 2010 Dress

This light & airy dress is from the DVF spring collection.  I like how it starts mostly white at the collar with the floral print collecting around the hip, then transforming into a different floral pattern towards the hem. Continue reading


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All About Asymmetry

I’m seeing asymmetrical dresses popping up everywhere.  Whether it’s a one-shoulder frock from American Apparel or an angled hem from Alice + Olivia, asymmetry is in.  It makes even a seemingly “standard” dress more exciting.  Here are a few I’ve found & love – priced from low to high:

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder $37.93 from $129.32

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder dress: $37.93 from $129.32

I love the fun pattern & flirty sleeve on this Olivia Rubin dress.  Adorable, right?  It retails for $129.32 but is currently on sale on asos.com for $37.93. :)

American Apparel One Shoulder Dress: $42

American Apparel is known for soft, comfy, fitted basics.  This cotton American Apparel is just that: it can be dressed up or down.  It retails for $42 – not too shabby. Continue reading

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So. Will You Be Renting The Runway??

Rent The Runway: love. wear. return.

Thoughts?  This new site has been everywhere this week.  The concept is simple: you can now easily rent designer fashions for a fraction of what they normally cost.

The upside: Well, isn’t it obvious?  What were once elusive designer fashions are now more easily accessible to the general public.  Are they cheap?  Not exactly – rentals go from $50 – $200.  But seriously – how many times have you bought a dress for MORE than $50 but only worn it once?  If you think about it that way, then yes, it could be considered “cheap,” especially since these aren’t $50 dresses.  When you rent one dress, they will send you two sizes in case one doesn’t fit – all included in the cost.

RTR DVF dress

DVF dress retails for $400, but can be rented for $50

This Diane von Furstenberg dress retails for $398, but can be rented for $50.  Steal.

The downside: Arguably, there are a few.  I have to admit I can’t quite put my finger on why I’m wary of the site.  First, you have to give it back – in a way, I feel as though it cheapens the dress.  Second, like all online shopping, what if it doesn’t quite look like you thought it would once you put it on.  And your event is tomorrow.  Bummer, to say the least.  I don’t think I would want to rent a dress for my birthday, for example.  I’m that person who ties memories with objects.  I still have most of my prom dresses for crying out loud.

I see RTR as fitting a need in a down economy, but I don’t if I’ll be renting. Maybe I’m just a skeptic.  Also, while they have a number of designers already in their collection, they’ll most likely need to expand to keep people interested.  As I was going through dresses, many of them had similar styles (like the DVF dress shown here) – which I personally love, but doesn’t fit everyone’s body or taste.

Who knows.  This could be filling a niche – only time will tell.

What do you think?  Will you be renting the runway?

PS to explore the sales, you need to be a member.  Visit the VIP Shopping page for info on an invite .

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