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Getting Crafty: Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

I love these!

I always love creating fun & different cards when I get the chance.  This year, I saw some homemade Valentine’s Day cards in a magazine & felt inspired. Using cardboard, you can create rose-like stamps to create unique cards.


Two kinds of paper: one type for the front-card image you’ll be creating & a thicker variety to make into the card itself.  It’s also possible to create with one piece of paper, but don’t forget to fold it in half before stamping.

Paint or ink pads: I used different colors of acrylic paint, but stamp pads were the original plan (and, in retrospect, likely easier to work with).  The paint was sometimes thicker than I would have liked.

Cardboard: top flaps from a cardboard box work well.  Pieces will need to be cut in 4 and 8-inch strips.  These become your flowers so the number you create is up to you.

String or twine


One wine cork


  1. Cut the cardboard into varies strips between 4 – 8 inches long.  Smaller pieces become smaller roses and longer pieces become longer roses.  You want the inner “zip-zag” pattern to run along the length of the cardboard.  The width should be about 4 – 5 inches long.
  2. Roll the cut pieces of cardboard and tie with the string or twine.
  3. Cut about 1/4 inches from half of the end of the cork.  this half-circle shape becomes the leaves.
  4. Firmly press the roses into the paint or stamp pad and then apply to the paper.  TIP: Practice first to get used to how much pressure should be applied to create the flowers.
  5. Use the cork (AKA leaf) to create leaves around your flowers.
  6. Let the stamped pieces of paper dry.
  7. Glue the stamped pieces of paper on the cover of your cards.

The images below aren’t the final product – I still need to glue the sheets on card stock for the cards themselves.

I spent $12 on the paint & already had the cardboard, string and paper.  I chose to use paint instead of ink pads thinking I’ll be able to get more use out of them.  I was able to make enough cards for everyone on my card list for less money than I would spend buying the cards from Papryus.


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