All About Asymmetry

I’m seeing asymmetrical dresses popping up everywhere.  Whether it’s a one-shoulder frock from American Apparel or an angled hem from Alice + Olivia, asymmetry is in.  It makes even a seemingly “standard” dress more exciting.  Here are a few I’ve found & love – priced from low to high:

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder $37.93 from $129.32

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder dress: $37.93 from $129.32

I love the fun pattern & flirty sleeve on this Olivia Rubin dress.  Adorable, right?  It retails for $129.32 but is currently on sale on for $37.93. :)

American Apparel One Shoulder Dress: $42

American Apparel is known for soft, comfy, fitted basics.  This cotton American Apparel is just that: it can be dressed up or down.  It retails for $42 – not too shabby. Continue reading


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Kell on Earth: Week 3

Once again I loved the episode, almost as much as last week’s & the first week’s.  Again, so many reoccurring themes, such as the importance of attention to detail and it’s hard to please someone when they don’t know what they want and have unclear (or unrealistic) expectations.  Seems obvious….but it’s not always so easy, right?

My key take-aways from today’s show can be best-expressed in quote form:

  1. “If you can’t figure out who the top 126 most important people are then maybe you shouldn’t work here.” -Emily
  2. “What are you guys doing – you guys are scaring the f*ck out of me.”    -Kelly
  3. “I’m the boss, I give you a paycheck & you’re suppose to give me work.      -Kelly
  4. “NYC: where the girls are mean but oh-so-pretty.”  -Kelly

AGAIN with the labels!!  Poor Stephanie V. can’t catch a break.  She doesn’t pay attention to details.  Looks like it might be “peace out” for her.

Anyone else watching this?  Am I the only one who thinks this show is so fantastic? :)

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Get Outfitted for Under $100

I love sale-perusing.  Using, I found some fun items for spring. :)
It’s always good to be on the lookout for items that are fun together and (of course) on their own.  Below are some leaning-towards-spring items I found via Shop It To Me that look great together but are also versatile enough to be mixed & matched with tons of items you have in your wardrobe already – making them that much more valuable & the deals that much more worth it.
I created the image below using  You can click the images for larger details about each of the items.

This outfit would look great with some light pinks & greens mixed in with the accessories or makeup tones.  I could see a fun pink or green ring or green-rimmed shades completing the look.

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Kell on Earth: Week 2

Episode 2 started with Kelly’s team updating a seating chart 2 hours before a Chado show.  They were dealing with of a nightmare not being able to have printed lists.  The seating chart wouldn’t print correctly from their computer, so their list was 1/2 on the computer, 1/2 hand-written.

15 minutes before the show, the lobby is still packed.  People were trying to take other people’s seats, lying about who they were, etc.  Chaos.  BUT It looked like they got everyone who was invites and suppose to be seated.  Kelly: “Mistakes happen that are out of our control.” True.  The show went really well, they got fabulous reviews but didn’t end up being featured in Women’s Wear Daily.

Result: They got fired.

Next they worked on a show for Genetic Denim.  A mini-crisis arose when someone used $0.61 stamps instead of $0.44 stamps.  A bigger crisis arose when interns put editor gifts into white paper bags with addresses written in Sharpie.  Oops.  Not exactly professional. Continue reading

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Colored Stems

I loooove fun tights.  Not only are they practical for (seemingly) 3/4 of the year in Boston, but they’re so CUTE & add style & fun to any outfit.  They also allow you to wear lighter, more spring inspired dresses (or shirt dresses, right???) throughout the year, giving you more “bang” for your spring-dress-buck. :)  Throw a pair on under any fun dress & you’re good to go.

My friend Courtney alerted me to some cute Hansel from Basel tights yesterday & Beyond the Rack has some brightly colored options from We Love Colors.  It’s worth noting both these brands will be donating percentages of sales to Haiti relief funds throughout February.  Hansel from Basel will be donating 15% & We Love Colors will be donating 5%. (*note: I don’t know if BTR sales count towards the 5%…*).  Here are some of my pics from each line:

We Love Colors Olive & Charcoal

Don’t be scared of green!  Green tights can add color to your gray or black dress.  Also, they’re just plain fun. :) These We Love Colors tights retail at $30/pair, but are on sale at Beyond The Rack until February 11 (tomorrow!!!) for just $10.  Loves it.

We Love Colors Vertical Jagged Striped Tights in Brown & Neon Blue

Again, color is key here!  As someone who’s wardrobe is roughly 80% black (& 10% grey or navy…or at least it seems it), I love adding splashes of color whenever I can.  These We Love Colors tights also retail at $30/pair, but are now on sale at Beyond The Rack for just $10.

Hansel from Basel Pebble Black & Purple Tights

These look so soft!  These Hansel from Basel tights would, again, be a great complement to any skirt or dress & great for work or play. :)  They retail for $42/pair.

Hansel from Basel Snow Snow Burgundy and Cable in Gray

Save the best for last, maybe??  I love these!  They scream “Look at me, in my dress being warm all winter!”  They’re something I would want to put on those cold mornings when it’s snowing & you just wish you could crawl back into your warm bed (but can’t….).  Also from Hansel from Basel and retail for $42/pair.

What do you think?  To tights, or not to tights?

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Spring Trend/My Current Obsession: Shirt Dresses

So shirt dresses aren’t “new,” but I’m seeing a number of fun new styles & ways to wear them all year long.  While I’m not quite ready to retire my winter shirt dresses (including this one from NY&Co.), I’m excited to start looking for new ones to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. YES.  I KNOW it’s only February & I live in New England…. Can’t it just be spring already????  Here are some I’m loving right now; priced from low – high:

Gap Shirt Dress

This is also cute: the drawstring & different color lining are great details.  This shirt dress is on sale at for $59.50.

Bebe Shirt Dress

This Bebe shirt dress is proof these dresses can be for day or night.  The deep-V neckline and ruffled sleeves make this shirt dress great for a summer evening out.  Currently $119 at

Marc Jacobs Shirt Dress on

Love this!  This Marc Jacobs shirt dress is currently on sale on  It’s a shirt dress yet fitted.  Also love the collar and buttons. :)  Current price: $179 (original price: $298).

Moschino Shirt Dress on Zappos

On the pricier side, this ADORABLE Mochino Stretch Shirt Dress on has fun, flirty ruffles cinched at the waist & above the hem.  LOVE this dress, but don’t love the price at $364.

Looking forward to see what else I see for late winter/early spring, & am really looking forward to some fun, bright summer dresses once the time comes. :)

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New Year’s Resolutions/10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2010: One Month In

I always think it’s smart to check-in with any goals you make along the way, don’t you?  Helps keep you on track.  These are my New Year’s resolutions & the status of my “things I’m looking forward to in 2010” list, one month in:

  1. Be more FIT. I said I would stick to a gym routine – which has only been quasi-upheld with a crazy January work schedule, but I’m eating even better & exercising more on the weekends (something I never really did).    Weekends also tend to be my downfall because I don’t always eat right: this has also changed. :)
  2. Volunteer. I’ve signed up with to volunteer.  I went to orientation & now just need to sign up for some volunteer projects!
  3. Save money. Hmm…NOT as successful as I would like.  I have continued to transfer money into my ING account, but I wouldn’t consider it a real “win” just yet.
  4. Reading More: Yes!  I’ve been reading an amazing book Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point.  A. Maze. Ing.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to are also quasi-resolutions.  Two of them (volunteering & saving money) ARE resolutions & are also listed above, but others can also fit the mold:

  1. Visiting Syracuse: (fingers crossed!) I have a tentative Syracuse trip planned for March.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be visiting the ‘Cuse the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.  :)
  2. Cooking more: I’m doing a little more of this, but not enough!
  3. Taking more pictures: Yes.  I’ve been better about this.
  4. Getting back in touch with old friends I think this is easier said than done, but it’s getting there.

The others (“a hot summer,” “weddings” and “not moving”) haven’t happened (or not happened) yet, but I’m still looking forward to them.

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