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Hello!!  While I’ve said I didn’t want to move any time soon, I have been looking for a new home for my blog.   My blog will now live here:  Same blog, just new address. :)


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Jax Dress from ideeli

I quickly got over my lack of luck with the ideeli red sale when I saw their JAX sale. :)  I used my ideeli credits to buy this adorable summer dress.

Jax dress on sale for $45 (original price: $128) on

I love the detailing!

This breaks away from my standard gray/black wardrobe.  It can be dressed up & dressed down; great for both work & summer events.  Now if it would only warm up so I can wear it! :)

3/1/10 UPDATE: This blog has moved!  PLease join us at out new home at

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Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2010

Here are the top 1o things I’m looking forward to this year – in no particular order. :)

Reading More: This applies to books, mainly.  I read a ton online, but I think there’s something to reading a good book.  I always seem to start books but they lose my interest.  I just started one…I hope I can stick with it.

A Hot Summer:  This is for 2 reasons: the first being Boston was COLD last summer – we missed out on hot days.  We went directly from spring to fall.  The second reason is I’m DETERMINED to be in the best shape of my life this year.  So far, so good: since December, I’ve been keeping up with the gym & being better about what I’ve been eating.

Weddings: (Not mine,silly.)  I know a few people getting married this year.  Not much is happier than a wedding :)

Not Moving: Hurray!!!  I moved every year in college…then the year after college…& last year.  I’ve moved every year since 2003 & am VERY happy we’re planning on renewing our lease.  Hurray for feeling home. :)

Volunteering: I’m trying to volunteer for Children’s Hospital Boston.  I’m hoping it works out with my schedule – if not, I’ll definitely find somewhere else.

Saving Money: I haven’t really saved much money in a while.  This needs to stop.  No more frivolous spending!!!  I want to pay down (not off…too unrealistic) my credit card bill & save some dough.

Taking More Pictures: I have kept my camera in my purse for as long as I can remember.  (Better resolution/ability to take more than my BB.)  I used to take a ton of pictures everywhere I went but haven’t lately.  This needs to stop.

Visiting Syracuse: Since I haven’t been since Thanksgiving 2008, it’s officially been over a year & far too long.  I WILL visit this year.

Cooking More: I love cooking & baking & started doing a lot more of it in the fall/end of the year.  I have untapped cookbooks.  I would love to cook & bake even more this year!

Get Back in Touch With Old Friends: Well…self explanatory, isn’t it?  This is something else I’m going to make a serious effort to carry out.


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Justice of the Peace Refusing to Issue Marriage License to Interracial Couples…Is That Legal??

A Justice of the Peace in Louisiana refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple.  He claimed he didn’t have a problem with people of different races marrying, he just has a problem with the “offspring.”  Wow.  Wow, wow, wow.  Is that legal?  I can see a church being able to argue something like this, but not a Justice of the Peace.

According to USA Today, he won’t resign.  His term is up in 2014 – he has previously stated he won’t seek reelection.

One of the most boggling lines in the clip is when asked if he was racist, he said “no,” saying, “My definition of a racist is to hate black people, or treat black people different that anybody else,” he says.

WHAT??  So, if you hate another race, that’s not racist?  Or what if black people hate another race – by his definition, this would not be racist.  It’s shocking to see how ignorant some people still are.  How can he give this interview with a straight face?

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Uncle Doug: Don’t Fly United

United Airline baggage handlers broke a custom $3,500 guitar last year and refused to compensate the guitar’s owner – who then vowed to write three songs about the incident.  Here is the first:

How could they not compensate him – or at least attempt to compensate him and pay for a portion of the guitar??  How could they possibly think that this wouldn’t come back and bite them in the butt?

Since the video, United Airlines has attempted to remedy the situation and compensate the owner, Dave Carroll.  And what does he have to say about this now?  Umm too little, too late…


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How Old Are We?

CandlesToday I am one year older. It’s funny how you think of ages as one thing, and then when that age is “yours,” it turns out to be something completely different. When I was little, I thought that I would be married with (possibly) a kid by the time I was [the age I am today], but looking at myself now, that’s not where I am at at all. Is it just me? I currently have four engaged cousins – all within 2 years of me in age. About a dozen people from my high school are currently engaged, another handful are already married – and a few have children. My peers are buying houses and condos. One of my friends (my age) had a baby on Monday (Congrats, KB!). When did we get older? How did this happen?  I don’t know about this…

Buying a house

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Hmm…What do I Want??

I’m curently on an apartment hunt – it’s fun and exciting, but begs the question: what do I want in an apartment? I was talkingto the boss today about this and was advised to make a “Must Have” list and a “Want to Have” list. I think getting it written (typed?) down and not just as random thoughts floating in my head will be helpful, so here goes:


  1. Extremely T and/or bus (depending on the bus) accessible
  2. Laundry IN THE BUILDING!! Never again will I be fooled by a realtor telling me that the laundry is in the basement, but he can’t show me because he doesn’t have the right key. Never. Again.
  3. Dishwasher
  4. My commute must be less that 1/2 hour – even during rush hour
  5. Windows :) I need lots of light – this definitely makes the “must” list
  6. Grocery store within (close) walking distance


  1. Balcony/patio/deck/some sort of outside area that is “mine.” I’m very tempted to put this on the “must have” list but am know that the balconies are more prevelant the further from the city you get, would would mean a long commute, thus negating #3 above
  2. A “pet friendly” apartment (right, bf?)
  3. Not on the ground level because I’m easily scared by the thought of people breaking in – also, it isn’t easy to have a balcony on the first floor
  4. A kitchen with an island/half wall looking into the living room – I really like this setup because it a) gives you more counter space and b)opens up a kitchen
  5. Lots and lots of closet space (or is this a must??)

There. That’s not too many things, right?? I’ve also been frequenting numerous sites online to try to get ideas of the types of things I want IN an apartment. For some reason I really like this set-up…although maybe a little more room. Ignore the squiggly blue line…

see? 1/2 wall itchens can be cool in smaller apts.

see? 1/2 wall kitchens can be cool in smaller apts. This is one I found on


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