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New Year’s Resolutions/10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2010: One Month In

I always think it’s smart to check-in with any goals you make along the way, don’t you?  Helps keep you on track.  These are my New Year’s resolutions & the status of my “things I’m looking forward to in 2010” list, one month in:

  1. Be more FIT. I said I would stick to a gym routine – which has only been quasi-upheld with a crazy January work schedule, but I’m eating even better & exercising more on the weekends (something I never really did).    Weekends also tend to be my downfall because I don’t always eat right: this has also changed. :)
  2. Volunteer. I’ve signed up with to volunteer.  I went to orientation & now just need to sign up for some volunteer projects!
  3. Save money. Hmm…NOT as successful as I would like.  I have continued to transfer money into my ING account, but I wouldn’t consider it a real “win” just yet.
  4. Reading More: Yes!  I’ve been reading an amazing book Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point.  A. Maze. Ing.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to are also quasi-resolutions.  Two of them (volunteering & saving money) ARE resolutions & are also listed above, but others can also fit the mold:

  1. Visiting Syracuse: (fingers crossed!) I have a tentative Syracuse trip planned for March.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be visiting the ‘Cuse the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.  :)
  2. Cooking more: I’m doing a little more of this, but not enough!
  3. Taking more pictures: Yes.  I’ve been better about this.
  4. Getting back in touch with old friends I think this is easier said than done, but it’s getting there.

The others (“a hot summer,” “weddings” and “not moving”) haven’t happened (or not happened) yet, but I’m still looking forward to them.


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Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2010

Here are the top 1o things I’m looking forward to this year – in no particular order. :)

Reading More: This applies to books, mainly.  I read a ton online, but I think there’s something to reading a good book.  I always seem to start books but they lose my interest.  I just started one…I hope I can stick with it.

A Hot Summer:  This is for 2 reasons: the first being Boston was COLD last summer – we missed out on hot days.  We went directly from spring to fall.  The second reason is I’m DETERMINED to be in the best shape of my life this year.  So far, so good: since December, I’ve been keeping up with the gym & being better about what I’ve been eating.

Weddings: (Not mine,silly.)  I know a few people getting married this year.  Not much is happier than a wedding :)

Not Moving: Hurray!!!  I moved every year in college…then the year after college…& last year.  I’ve moved every year since 2003 & am VERY happy we’re planning on renewing our lease.  Hurray for feeling home. :)

Volunteering: I’m trying to volunteer for Children’s Hospital Boston.  I’m hoping it works out with my schedule – if not, I’ll definitely find somewhere else.

Saving Money: I haven’t really saved much money in a while.  This needs to stop.  No more frivolous spending!!!  I want to pay down (not off…too unrealistic) my credit card bill & save some dough.

Taking More Pictures: I have kept my camera in my purse for as long as I can remember.  (Better resolution/ability to take more than my BB.)  I used to take a ton of pictures everywhere I went but haven’t lately.  This needs to stop.

Visiting Syracuse: Since I haven’t been since Thanksgiving 2008, it’s officially been over a year & far too long.  I WILL visit this year.

Cooking More: I love cooking & baking & started doing a lot more of it in the fall/end of the year.  I have untapped cookbooks.  I would love to cook & bake even more this year!

Get Back in Touch With Old Friends: Well…self explanatory, isn’t it?  This is something else I’m going to make a serious effort to carry out.


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New Year, New You (Right?)

Every year we tell ourselves that THIS will be the year things will be different.  We tell ourselves THIS year I will eat right, exercise more, work harder, be happier, save money & be a better person.  Am I right??  I have very mixed feelings on New Year’s resolutions.  I often “half” make them – I think to myself, “this year I’ll eat better…” but don’t do the action necessary to put my resolution into effect: actually figure out what the goal is & how it will be achieved.  This year that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  Here are my resolutions AND how I’m going to follow through (in no particular order):

  1. Be more FIT. How will I do this?  Stick to a gym routine.  (Whether that makes “sticking to a gym routine” or

    I love these shoes. I need to continue to put them to good use.

    “being more fit” my resolution, I’m not sure.)  I was on a stead gym routine for about a year which seemed to fallapart in August when I moved in with Sean.  Q. Why did this happen? A. Laziness. Pure & simple. I fell out of the routine and only recently started to sink back into it.  I used to go in the morning, but the bus I take to work can’t get me there early enough & I often stay late enough at work which makes it hard to go at night, but if it’s important, you make it work, right?  Also, I haven’t been as careful lately as to what I’m eating.  This is also something that needs to get back to how it was before.  Not only do I think I look better when I do this, but I FEEL so much better.  GOAL: Gym three times a week.  Since I used to do four times a week, this should be feasible, right??

  2. Volunteer. I’ve been wanting to volunteer more for a while & really want to start doing so.  It’s so important to help others less fortunate than us.  I have WHERE I’ll be volunteering down to about three options, now I just need to decide which.
  3. Save money. I always say this & it never happens.  Recently I started actually using my ING account & having money transferred to it automatically every week.  I had done this previously but stopped.  I’m glad to have started back up again.  This year, I’ll be transferring additional funds to the account.  I like it because you don’t really feel the money being taken out of your regular bank account but it’s still accumulating in your ING account.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I’ve also been bringing my lunch to work, which saves up to roughly $30 – $40/week.  Sometimes more.  ALSO a beautiful thing. :)

Those are my main resolutions.  I think they’re all obtainable & all things I truly want to do.  Will it work this year?  We shall see, we shall see.


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It’s Christmas Time :)

As I sit here in my living room, listening to Christmas music & having the first real snow storm fall outside the window, I can’t help but feel like it’s Christmas time. :)  Christmas of course feels different than it does when you’re 5 years old (or 10…or even 15?) waiting with what feels like endless anticipation of what you’ll receive under the tree.  Other things matter more than which Barbie Santa brought you.  It’s even nicer to see family & friends whom you cherish.

This year hasn’t felt quite  like previous years: how is it already Christmas??  While I think I’ve bought presents for more people than normal (nieces this year!) & shopping for people always makes me happy & feels like Christmas to me,  it just doesn’t FEEL like it’s almost Christmas.

I blame summer. I blame the fact that we didn’t get a real summer – just cold days & rain.  Then fall was unusually warm, then BAM last week the frigid air strikes.  Then last night the first “storm” of the season started.

Anyway…regardless of why it didn’t feel like it was almost Christmas before, I’m glad it does now!  With less than a week to savor the feeling, I’m glad it’s finally here.

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Holiday Shopping: Officially Here :)

It’s that time of year: you just ate more than anticipated at Thanksgiving, it’s then suddenly Black Friday and it hits you: its holiday shopping time.

Shopping at Macys in A Christmas Story

Online Shopping

Oh yes, Black Friday.  This is not something in which I regularly partake, but it’s impossible to deny its presence.  What used to be symbolic for retailers being in the “black,” or seeing a profit & out of the “red” for the season now means long lines in malls across the country & the need to avoid shopping center parking entrances.  “Black” has taken on a whole new meaning for many Americans: dark.  Scary.  Intimidating.  Yet many love Black Friday.  They love the idea of getting the best deals on the hottest items.

Regardless of your thoughts on this “dark” day, there’s no denying it’s the official kickoff of holiday shopping.  I love holiday shopping.  While I’m not a Black Friday shopper, I typically love shopping this time of year, whether online or in stores.  For shopping in physical stores, I love the Christmas music, the displays & general holiday feeling you get when shopping.  However, while actual stores bring out the most holiday spirit in me, I think online is easier and less likely to be out of your size.  Then again, unless you’re shopping for something specific, it’s sometimes hard to gauge what something will really be like once it arrives if it’s bought sight unseen.

Store Shopping Pros & Cons:


  • Holiday spirit is everywhere :)
  • Seeing items in person is often better than hoping something looks like the picture
  • No shipping costs
  • No chance of finding out something is back-ordered after thinking it’s on its way to your house
  • In-store sales are sometimes better (and more obvious) than online sales
  • Sales help to ask questions when you’re feeling out of your element


  • Lines.  Long, long lines
  • People who don’t enjoy holiday shopping and ruin it for the people around them
  • Not being able to navigate through tables of product to find the sweater in your sister’s size
  • Selection: often online selection is wider than what’s available in stores
  • Not having the “must have” product in one store & having to go across town to a different store
  • Time: being able to fit in commuting times, parking time, waiting in line, etc, etc, etc…

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Could You Resist A Marshmallow?

Picture this: you are a small child and are put in a room, alone, at a table with a single marshmallow.  You are told you can eat the marshmallow, or, if you wait a few minutes without eating it, you will be given another marshmallow, therefore having two.  As a young child, what do you do?  Do you eat the delicious white puff of deliciousness in front of you?  Or do you wait, alone, and be rewarded with a second marshmallow?  Decisions, decisions…

Jonah Lehrer of The New Yorker recently wrote an article entitled “Don’t!  The Secret of Self-Control” which explores (as the title implies) how self-control was either exercised or ignored with young children left alone in a room with a marshmallow, and those who participated in a similar experiment a few decades ago and how it impacted them.


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There’s Something in the Air

It seems it is the season of weddings – 4 of my first cousins have gotten married since July.  FOUR.  Three of my co-workers are engaged (in an office of about 20) & countless high school friends.  At one of my cousin’s weddings, they

Not your traditional weding cake

Not your traditional wedding cake

had two cakes: one that was traditional and one that featured a cake topper made out of Legos – not something you see every day – but very clever (rumor has it the groom loves Legos.  Go figure.).

Some people say they don’t like going to weddings, but, personally, I love them.  I love being a part of a special moment in a couple’s life, I love seeing friends & family & (on a less-serious level) love getting dressed up. :)  I love getting dressed up for any occasion, but doing so for weddings is especially appealing to me for some reason.

Two weeks ago my sister also got engaged.  I became especially excited when my sister asked me to be a bridesmaid. :)

Sean & me at the receptionThe siblings minus ElisabethBaby Divine

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