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Apartment Wish List

I love my apartment, I really do.  I ended up giving up a couple of my previous wishes, but overall I’ve come to really like the apartment & the layout.  Only structural change I would make would be a bigger kitchen & more closet space, but that’s neither here nor there. :)

I keep thinking there are a few additional items I would like to add.  When I’m loking at apartment accessories or furniture I can never seem to remember everything until I come home & wish I had it.  I thought if I put all my “wishes” in one place, I’d be more likely to remember, so here goes:

Cabinet from

  1. Mat for shoes: We always come into the apartment with wet shoes & don’t have anywhere to put them.  One ofmy least favorite things in the world is wet socks – when I am walking around inside in socks and step in water I’m instantly upset.  A simple mat will remedy this. :)
  2. Cabinet for the hallway: I would love to use some of the hallway for extra storage since we have such limited closet space.  The cabinet would be great for everything from extra towels to cleaning supplies.  The cabinet space in the kitchen is limited, so we’re not able to store many cleaning supplies under the sink.
  3. Skinny table for plants: I don’t know what to call this!  We have a really narrow wall between the living room door & living room closet.  it needs a skinny table!  Or it would be great when you first come in for keys, mail, etc.
  4. New living room throw pillows! Ours came with the couch and we didn’t like them when we first saw them.  It’s now been a few months…new ones are definitely in order.

    Crate & Barrel Throw Pillows

  5. Living room chair: We have a nice living room couch, but I think a chair would really add to the room

  6. Curtains: We don’t have living room curtains – just shades.  The sunlight comes directly into the room & the

    Love the studded detail in this West Elm chair

    shades are no match for the sun.

  7. Lamps: We have overhead lighting & some lamps in the rooms, but I still think we need more light somehow.  Floor lamps would do the trick, I think.

OK.  That’s all for now.  While this is my mini wish-list, my mini wallet won’t allow for any of these.  Well…maybe the pillows.



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Deck The Hall(s). & the Living Room. & the Dining Room…

West Elm Holiday Plates

With the holidays come holiday entertaining.  You can’t very well entertain for the holidays without decorating for them, can you?  The question is, how far do you go?  It’s not as easy in an apartment as it is in a house.  Besides a tree, a simple option is some scented holiday candles, dishes & maybe some lights/tasteful garland (yes, there can be such a thing!).  Personally, I would love to fully decorate my apartment for the holidays but where would I store everything for the other 11 months?

DINING: West Elm (love them) has some less-offensive place-setting options.

Crate & Barrel holiday dining ideas

Their holiday plates, for example (above) convey a holiday feel without screaming “tacky!”  Crate & Barrel also has some great holiday dining ideas (at right).  It’s decorating without going overboard.

LIVING ROOM: Candles are an easy and (often) fairly inexpensive way to decorate.  Holiday scents can of course invoke ideas of the holidays even if the candle doesn’t look outwardly holiday-themed.  How about stockings?  Do households without kids still hang stockings?  Restoration Hardware has some great additions, such as decorative garland pieces for above fireplaces, doorways and windowsills (see below)


  1. Try to keep a general “theme” so your decorating looks consistent
  2. Don’t go overboard!  Holiday decorating should be inviting & warm, not tacky & random
  3. Make sure you have storage space.  It seems like a great idea to buy all new linens, place settings and flatware for the holidays, but where will you put it all come January? Continue reading


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We Found Furniture!!

It was a seemingly simple task: furnish a Boston apartment living room for about $1,000.  We wanted a (on the cheap side) couch, coffee table and TV stand.  We started looking in July before we moved in and went to roughly a dozen furniture stores.  NADA.  About three weeks ago we went to Jordan’s and found a couch that we really liked.  It had an attached chaise at the end – which we really liked.  It was $1,050 – before taxes & delivery.  Over budget?  Yes, but after thinking about it for a few weeks & not finding anything else, we came to terms with it.  We went back to Jordan’s yesterday to purchase. Finally – a comfortable couch!! :)  We rented T$’s car (thanks, T$!) and went to Reading.

Once we got there, we decided to first look at the factory outlet section to see if we could find a coffee table or TV stand.  While looking, we saw a couch for $300.  THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Buying the $1,050 couch in the other part of the store now seemed silly, to say the least.  The couch doesn’t have the chaise attachment, but it’s still a really nice couch.  We looked around the factory outlet section & found a coffee table & two end tables.  We also found a new TV stand.  Total price?  Less than we were going to spend on the initial couch.

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Hmm…What do I Want??

I’m curently on an apartment hunt – it’s fun and exciting, but begs the question: what do I want in an apartment? I was talkingto the boss today about this and was advised to make a “Must Have” list and a “Want to Have” list. I think getting it written (typed?) down and not just as random thoughts floating in my head will be helpful, so here goes:


  1. Extremely T and/or bus (depending on the bus) accessible
  2. Laundry IN THE BUILDING!! Never again will I be fooled by a realtor telling me that the laundry is in the basement, but he can’t show me because he doesn’t have the right key. Never. Again.
  3. Dishwasher
  4. My commute must be less that 1/2 hour – even during rush hour
  5. Windows :) I need lots of light – this definitely makes the “must” list
  6. Grocery store within (close) walking distance


  1. Balcony/patio/deck/some sort of outside area that is “mine.” I’m very tempted to put this on the “must have” list but am know that the balconies are more prevelant the further from the city you get, would would mean a long commute, thus negating #3 above
  2. A “pet friendly” apartment (right, bf?)
  3. Not on the ground level because I’m easily scared by the thought of people breaking in – also, it isn’t easy to have a balcony on the first floor
  4. A kitchen with an island/half wall looking into the living room – I really like this setup because it a) gives you more counter space and b)opens up a kitchen
  5. Lots and lots of closet space (or is this a must??)

There. That’s not too many things, right?? I’ve also been frequenting numerous sites online to try to get ideas of the types of things I want IN an apartment. For some reason I really like this set-up…although maybe a little more room. Ignore the squiggly blue line…

see? 1/2 wall itchens can be cool in smaller apts.

see? 1/2 wall kitchens can be cool in smaller apts. This is one I found on


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