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Why You Need to be Shopping

6pm shipment arrived!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a shoe fetish.  Anyone who works with me can you about my 15+ pairs of shoes under my desk….which are just “work shoes” & have nothing to do with the mounds I have at my apartment. feeds that addiction quite nicely. (same parent company as has amazing deals.  The site features an array of designer brands and boasts prices up to 70% off retail.  They have “daily deals” on their homepage every day highlighting some of their best sales.  They specialize in shoes, but have bags, sunglasses, apparel & an array of other items.

They (like many savvybrands) are on Twitter & provide their followers with ADDITIONAL deals I often find even more appealing & even better then what I see on their site.  The recent tweet that caught my attention?  KORS Michael Kors on sale for $24.95. A. Maze. Ing.  They had other deals that day, as well, so here’s what I ended up with:

KORS Michael Kors wedges: $24.95 from $185 :)

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It’s Still Winter: Don’t Neglect Your Skin!

BLISS Spiff Upper Lip set of 2 $30 from $76

Have you used Bliss Spa products?  They have everything you want to keep you skin looking & feeling fabulous.  Great for pampering yourself or for everyday routines.  Love, love, love.  Something they aren’t, is cheap.  Some of their products tend to be on the pricier size & not exactly recessionista-friendly.  They have a great Web site for ordering online I like to peruse for sales – here are some of this week’s finds.

Tip:  their site doesn’t have a specific “sale” section, but if you type “sale” into the search option, their sales come up. :)

Their Spiff Upper Lip set (above) is designed to plump your lips and fill in lines.  Especially helpful in the winter, right?  It’s designed to help “aging” lips, but, like many products with this claim, can (&, in my opinion, sometimes should) be used by women of all ages to not only keep your skin in good condition, but as a sort of preventative measure.  My lips re ALWAYS dry and cracked in the winter & this is a good remedy option.  The set of 2 retails for $76 but is currently on sale for $30.  Would I pay $76 for the set?  my budget says no.  $30?  Much more likely.

BLISS Problem Salved $9 from $18

Their Problem Salved balm (left) is designed as a sort of all-in-one “fix it” balm.  It’s great for slightly irritated skin, like if you just got your brows waxed, just shaved, are sun burnt, have chapped wind-burned skin….the list goes on.  I’ve used it on my eye brows after getting them waxed & it works well to sooth what is usually very red, irritated skin.  Truly, I think I have the most sensitive brows ever.  Regardless, this is one of the few things that helps.  This retails for $18 but is currently on sale for $9.  9 bucks.  Good stuff.

Also – as I was surfing their site – I was reminded every order ships free.  Love that.  I hate it when I think I have found a great deal on something only to find out shipping costs another $10.  Shipping should be just that: the cost of shipping.  Not shipping plus lattes for the Web site staff. Am I right??

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Coupon Code: White House Black Market

I love White House Black Market.  They have beautiful, chic dresses & amazing jewelry, among other things.  Right now they’re offering $25 off your purchase of $125 or more & $50 off your purchase of $200 or more.  Both these offers end 3.21.10.  They’re also offering free shipping through the end of the week when you purchase $125 or more.

$25 off your purchase of $125 or more coupon code: 9019

50 off your purchase of $200 or more coupon code: 9018

Happy shopping!

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All About Asymmetry

I’m seeing asymmetrical dresses popping up everywhere.  Whether it’s a one-shoulder frock from American Apparel or an angled hem from Alice + Olivia, asymmetry is in.  It makes even a seemingly “standard” dress more exciting.  Here are a few I’ve found & love – priced from low to high:

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder $37.93 from $129.32

Olivia Rubin One Shoulder dress: $37.93 from $129.32

I love the fun pattern & flirty sleeve on this Olivia Rubin dress.  Adorable, right?  It retails for $129.32 but is currently on sale on for $37.93. :)

American Apparel One Shoulder Dress: $42

American Apparel is known for soft, comfy, fitted basics.  This cotton American Apparel is just that: it can be dressed up or down.  It retails for $42 – not too shabby. Continue reading

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Get Outfitted for Under $100

I love sale-perusing.  Using, I found some fun items for spring. :)
It’s always good to be on the lookout for items that are fun together and (of course) on their own.  Below are some leaning-towards-spring items I found via Shop It To Me that look great together but are also versatile enough to be mixed & matched with tons of items you have in your wardrobe already – making them that much more valuable & the deals that much more worth it.
I created the image below using  You can click the images for larger details about each of the items.

This outfit would look great with some light pinks & greens mixed in with the accessories or makeup tones.  I could see a fun pink or green ring or green-rimmed shades completing the look.

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Colored Stems

I loooove fun tights.  Not only are they practical for (seemingly) 3/4 of the year in Boston, but they’re so CUTE & add style & fun to any outfit.  They also allow you to wear lighter, more spring inspired dresses (or shirt dresses, right???) throughout the year, giving you more “bang” for your spring-dress-buck. :)  Throw a pair on under any fun dress & you’re good to go.

My friend Courtney alerted me to some cute Hansel from Basel tights yesterday & Beyond the Rack has some brightly colored options from We Love Colors.  It’s worth noting both these brands will be donating percentages of sales to Haiti relief funds throughout February.  Hansel from Basel will be donating 15% & We Love Colors will be donating 5%. (*note: I don’t know if BTR sales count towards the 5%…*).  Here are some of my pics from each line:

We Love Colors Olive & Charcoal

Don’t be scared of green!  Green tights can add color to your gray or black dress.  Also, they’re just plain fun. :) These We Love Colors tights retail at $30/pair, but are on sale at Beyond The Rack until February 11 (tomorrow!!!) for just $10.  Loves it.

We Love Colors Vertical Jagged Striped Tights in Brown & Neon Blue

Again, color is key here!  As someone who’s wardrobe is roughly 80% black (& 10% grey or navy…or at least it seems it), I love adding splashes of color whenever I can.  These We Love Colors tights also retail at $30/pair, but are now on sale at Beyond The Rack for just $10.

Hansel from Basel Pebble Black & Purple Tights

These look so soft!  These Hansel from Basel tights would, again, be a great complement to any skirt or dress & great for work or play. :)  They retail for $42/pair.

Hansel from Basel Snow Snow Burgundy and Cable in Gray

Save the best for last, maybe??  I love these!  They scream “Look at me, in my dress being warm all winter!”  They’re something I would want to put on those cold mornings when it’s snowing & you just wish you could crawl back into your warm bed (but can’t….).  Also from Hansel from Basel and retail for $42/pair.

What do you think?  To tights, or not to tights?

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Spring Trend/My Current Obsession: Shirt Dresses

So shirt dresses aren’t “new,” but I’m seeing a number of fun new styles & ways to wear them all year long.  While I’m not quite ready to retire my winter shirt dresses (including this one from NY&Co.), I’m excited to start looking for new ones to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. YES.  I KNOW it’s only February & I live in New England…. Can’t it just be spring already????  Here are some I’m loving right now; priced from low – high:

Gap Shirt Dress

This is also cute: the drawstring & different color lining are great details.  This shirt dress is on sale at for $59.50.

Bebe Shirt Dress

This Bebe shirt dress is proof these dresses can be for day or night.  The deep-V neckline and ruffled sleeves make this shirt dress great for a summer evening out.  Currently $119 at

Marc Jacobs Shirt Dress on

Love this!  This Marc Jacobs shirt dress is currently on sale on  It’s a shirt dress yet fitted.  Also love the collar and buttons. :)  Current price: $179 (original price: $298).

Moschino Shirt Dress on Zappos

On the pricier side, this ADORABLE Mochino Stretch Shirt Dress on has fun, flirty ruffles cinched at the waist & above the hem.  LOVE this dress, but don’t love the price at $364.

Looking forward to see what else I see for late winter/early spring, & am really looking forward to some fun, bright summer dresses once the time comes. :)

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