Why You Need to be Shopping 6pm.com

6pm shipment arrived!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a shoe fetish.  Anyone who works with me can you about my 15+ pairs of shoes under my desk….which are just “work shoes” & have nothing to do with the mounds I have at my apartment.  6pm.com feeds that addiction quite nicely.

6pm.com (same parent company as Zappos.com) has amazing deals.  The site features an array of designer brands and boasts prices up to 70% off retail.  They have “daily deals” on their homepage every day highlighting some of their best sales.  They specialize in shoes, but have bags, sunglasses, apparel & an array of other items.

They (like many savvybrands) are on Twitter & provide their followers with ADDITIONAL deals I often find even more appealing & even better then what I see on their site.  The recent tweet that caught my attention?  KORS Michael Kors on sale for $24.95. A. Maze. Ing.  They had other deals that day, as well, so here’s what I ended up with:

KORS Michael Kors wedges: $24.95 from $185 :)

I’m in love with these KORS Michael Kors wedges.  Love, love.  What an amazing deal – it’s just over 85% off.  They’re even cuter in real life than they were online.  I’m thrilled with them. :)

Two Lips Sandals: $10.80 from $59.95

These sandals were a last-minute decision while shopping.  I liked the neutral color & don’t have anything like them.  For $10 I decided to go for it.

Madden Girl Sandals: $20.13 from $49.95

I love these gladiator-type sandals.  Last year I was curious to see if this style sandal would hold its ground for more than one season, but it seems to have june just that.  I’ve seen similar styles in upcoming spring & summer lines.

Another great thing about 6pm.com is their shipping policy: standard shipping is $6.95.  For my 3 pairs of shoes & shipping, I paid just over $62.  SHOP WITH THEM!  The only thing I need now is some spring weather. :)


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