It’s Still Winter: Don’t Neglect Your Skin!

BLISS Spiff Upper Lip set of 2 $30 from $76

Have you used Bliss Spa products?  They have everything you want to keep you skin looking & feeling fabulous.  Great for pampering yourself or for everyday routines.  Love, love, love.  Something they aren’t, is cheap.  Some of their products tend to be on the pricier size & not exactly recessionista-friendly.  They have a great Web site for ordering online I like to peruse for sales – here are some of this week’s finds.

Tip:  their site doesn’t have a specific “sale” section, but if you type “sale” into the search option, their sales come up. :)

Their Spiff Upper Lip set (above) is designed to plump your lips and fill in lines.  Especially helpful in the winter, right?  It’s designed to help “aging” lips, but, like many products with this claim, can (&, in my opinion, sometimes should) be used by women of all ages to not only keep your skin in good condition, but as a sort of preventative measure.  My lips re ALWAYS dry and cracked in the winter & this is a good remedy option.  The set of 2 retails for $76 but is currently on sale for $30.  Would I pay $76 for the set?  my budget says no.  $30?  Much more likely.

BLISS Problem Salved $9 from $18

Their Problem Salved balm (left) is designed as a sort of all-in-one “fix it” balm.  It’s great for slightly irritated skin, like if you just got your brows waxed, just shaved, are sun burnt, have chapped wind-burned skin….the list goes on.  I’ve used it on my eye brows after getting them waxed & it works well to sooth what is usually very red, irritated skin.  Truly, I think I have the most sensitive brows ever.  Regardless, this is one of the few things that helps.  This retails for $18 but is currently on sale for $9.  9 bucks.  Good stuff.

Also – as I was surfing their site – I was reminded every order ships free.  Love that.  I hate it when I think I have found a great deal on something only to find out shipping costs another $10.  Shipping should be just that: the cost of shipping.  Not shipping plus lattes for the Web site staff. Am I right??


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